Covid 19

Birds go about their day. Trees outside the window sway. Whatsapps from a few friends. News stories that never end. Attempting skills to pass the time. Talking to people on Facetime. Hearing silence more often. Trying not to picture hospitals or coffins. Guilt for complaining. Some bakery and painting. Thoughts about bank balances, the vulnerable, economic damage. Aspirations for the world to change. Wanting what was normal to remain. Bickering with those we live with. Trying to keep fit. Talking to relatives to keep them sane. Staying apart to avoid pain. Doing some research or Instagram challenges. Life being unbalanced. Realising our frailty. Concerns regarding safety. Scrolling, lazing, binge watching. Statistics that are shocking. Yearning for a hug with a friend. Information on when it will all end. Frustration at your uselessness. Organising, college stress. Buying things online even though it's not the time. Checking in on those who feel low, trying your best to soften their blows. Keeping a positive outlook. Making things, learning to cook. Days that are repetitive. Quiz nights turning competitive. Relationships ruptured. Wanting a structure. Health workers rising. Doing some writing. Jobs being a question mark. Limited access to public parks. Random feelings of melancholy. One person to a trolley. Deliveries ten paces back. Cooling muffins on the rack. Memes and jokes about incompetent leaders. Parents assuming the role of teachers. Pets being in their element. A Grafton Street that's desolate. Lie-ins and weird dreams. The absence of sports teams. On special occasions making a fuss. Tesco queues, pay cuts. Graduations over zoom. Potentially a baby boom. Finding peace in uncertainty. Making lists, cups of tea. Not knowing what will come of this. Looking forward to when we'll reminisce. Asking the question after we've all adjusted: Did the world change or was it just disrupted?

By Julie McCormack

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