Musings in May

NPHET folk have spoken And given us phases one to five To ease us out of lockdown And keep more of us alive But it has led to agitation Annoyance and much more From some who have been told They cannot yet unlock the door Of the pub or tattoo parlour Hairdressers too of course Apparently all more essential Than the doctor or the nurse The GAA blazers made a decision You cannot encroach on any pitch Not even with a Maor Foirne bib To pass on a tactical switch Some over 70s went on the radio Pissed off at being cocooned But most were way too busy Doing yoga over Zoom A certain G.O the court Likened it to Nazi control Are we all in agreement She's talking through her h.le? As for her long haired companion He must have Water on the brain The best thing to do with their spoutings Is to pour them down the drain Take the Trump Domestos Squirt out a drop or two Learn to make a face mask In phase 5 you'll need a few Keep calm and carry on So the curve is as flat as can be Let's calmly go through the phases Knowing that some day we all will be free

By Breedge Conway